Second Planting


John Nebeker was asked by Brigham Young to help settle the Manti/Ephraim area in Utah. As the first settlers to the area, conditions were harsh, especially that first winter.

When the weather finally granted them a reprieve from the snow and the ground became warm enough to plant, the first thing to go into the ground was the family garden. John, then, focused on the plowing for the larger field crops.

After living in a tiny, rough-hewn cabin all winter, his wife sent his 4-year-old daughter outside with a basket and instructed her to fill it with the new leaf greens that were showing themselves at last.  These would be a most welcome fresh addition to their meager winter diet. The little daughter returned within the hour simply elated! Holding up her overflowing basket of greens for her mother to see, she was confused as she watched her mother’s face go ashen and then angry. It was then that the child was Informed that she had pulled up all of the new bean sprouts in the family garden. Her mother could not cope with her own emotions at this time and sent the little girl out to sit on the woodpile until her father came home that night.  So much depended upon the bean crop that without it the family would be hungry much of next winter.

It was a tiny, tear-stained face that greeted John as he returned home from the fields. After hearing the child’s story, he said he would ‘fix it with Mother and when he returned, they would take the bean sprouts back to the garden and plant and water them. Then they would pray over them and they would grow. The sun was low in the Western sky when the last of the beans was replanted. Then, John humbly knelt and removed his hat and asked that his tiny daughter prepare for the prayer. He then supplicated the Father in behalf of the beans for the sake of his family.

The first planting was done with seeds......but the ‘second planting was done with faith.


In his journal a few months later It was recorded; “And we never experienced such a bountiful bean harvest”