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The first meeting is to discuss and reach agreement  regarding the specifics  of the desired portrait.  This would include number of subjects, size,  background, clothing, accessories, pets, and any other elements to be  included in the portrait.  It will be determined where the portrait will  hang and any precedent to be followed.  From this information, the final price is determined and a Contract of  Agreement is signed and paid for. 


The second meeting consists of photographing the subject in a variety of lighting conditions and poses.  This takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the number of subjects and the complexity of the composition.

Design and Composition

This is the culmination of photographs and imagination.  Photographs are carefully selected and arranged into a composition for the client to review.  At this point, changes or additions can be made and the final composition is agreed upon.

The Painting

Nothing but the best oils on Belgian Linen is used for each portrait. Obviously, live sittings are preferred, but if the time does not permit, the painting will be completed in the Studio. A final sitting is optional, but is sometimes requested to fine-tune the desired expression and coloring of the subject.

Delivery of finished Work  

After all final adjustments are made, delivery arrangements will be made.  **Framing, travel expenses, shipping and any other associated expenses are separate from the portrait. These are itemized and billed separately.