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About the Artist

After raising six children, Glenda Gleave emersed herself in concentrated training from some of the greatest portrait artists of this era. They all helped her discover the special gift she has for creating captivating portraits and historical masterpieces.

From an early age, she found herself drawing constantly. Later in college, as a science major, her hours spent in the anatomy lab proved to be one of her best career investments as a figurative artist. Her early education has also included music, and she continues to play as a violist and violinist in a professional string quartet.  

Personable and empathetic, she delights clients with her intuitive understanding of what they desire in both their portraits and their works of art. Her life experience with people of all ages has prepared her to work energetically and effectively with both adults and even the most difficult youngsters.

A study of the ‘Great Masters’ has given her valuable insights into the way the art of portraiture has evolved over the years.  She doesn’t hesitate to admit that she has borrowed something from Valesquez, Sargent, Rembrandt, Alma-Tadema, Leighton, Bouguereau, and Carrivaggio, to name a few. Most importantly however, she has applied the words of Modern Master, William Whitaker who stated “anything of value an artist learns, he must find out for himself”. Consequently, she has sought out and received personal training from some of the nation’s best figure and portrait artists: Daniel Greene, Morgon Weistling, Dan Gerhartz, Jeff Hein and William Whitaker.

In pursuit of excellence, she draws and paints from life regularly.  Her greatest passion is to create light and life in her paintings. As an award-winning artist, she works exclusively in oil, conte & charcoal  with the finest archival linen or linen panels as the foundation so that her finished works will endure time. She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah where she enjoys the company of her husband, six adult children and four grand children,  one cat, and one dog. She credits God for her many talents and shares them willingly with others.